Arganagh.  It’s a Manx word meaning questionable or controversial, with overtones of argumentativeness or eloquence.  Arguable might be the best translation (arguably).

We’ve all seen articles, videos, blog posts, forum comments, etc. whose content is (at best) arguable.  Facts are omitted, interpretations are distorted, expertise is unquestioned, science is dumbed-down.  Controversy is emphasized to make the reader angry, rather than to present all sides fairly.  Editorials based on third-hand sources are cited as proof.

And yet… sometimes they’re right.

Not often, but sometimes.  So, as readers of this stuff, we’re faced with a challenge.  Accept what we read?  (Easy enough to do, if it happens to agree with our own preconceptions.)  Ignore everything that doesn’t come with peer-reviewed replicable scientific proof?  Just say “I dunno” and go click another link?  Or do the research ourselves — and who has time for that?

As individuals, the best we can usually manage is to dig around a bit, and try to come to a preliminary conclusion: either “Yeah, there might be something to this,” or “No, it’s not persuasive, and I’m not going to spend any more time on it.”

So… uh… this is a dramatic way of saying that I enjoy spending an hour or three picking apart some outrageous thing I found on the Internet.  And if I’m going to waste invest all that time and effort, I might as well share what I’ve found.

Welcome to Arganagh, a blog of questionable things.  I hope you find it useful and entertaining.

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