About this site

Arganagh.  It's a Manx word meaning questionable or controversial, with overtones of argumentativeness or eloquence.  Arguable might be the best translation (arguably).

We've all seen articles, videos, blog posts, social media comments, etc. whose content is (at best) arguable.  Facts are omitted, interpretations are distorted, expertise is unquestioned, science is dumbed-down.  Controversy is emphasized, to make the reader angry, rather than to present all sides fairly.  Editorials based on third-hand sources are cited as proof.

And yet... sometimes they're right. Not often, but sometimes.

I enjoy spending an hour or three picking apart some outrageous thing I found on the Internet. So I started this blog in 2013 to share what I've learned.

I do enjoy a few things other than fact-checking — science, cooking, growing weird plants, battling recalcitrant computerized devices into submission, writing the occasional short story. (From 2018-2020 I posted this material on a separate blog, Highbro·ws, but I've merged it all into this single site.)

I hope you find my blog useful, interesting, and/or entertaining.